Will property taxes for citizens/property owners go up because the City is spending money on development projects related to Make Ogden?
  • No – property taxes for property owners will not increase due to the City Redevelopment Agency’s investment into development projects, as such projects are not funded by existing property or sales taxes. As new development is increased through redevelopment activities, the city’s overall tax base is strengthened – which can reduce the tax burden on existing residents.
  • For example, the bonds (funds borrowed) associated with the City RDA’s investment in the residential/retail/commercial/hospitality elements of the WonderBlock development will be paid back over a number of years via the increase in taxable value of the WonderBlock development (Tax Increment Financing or TIF), along with some funds from lease revenues from the City’s previous development investment at Business Depot Ogden (BDO).
  • Additionally, the revenue bonds associated with the City Municipal Building Authority’s investment in the new parking structures located at WonderBlock and the proposed new parking management system downtown, will be paid via the revenue generated from the paid parking system – much of which will be paid by visitors from outside the community. 

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1. What is the Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan, and how were/are citizens involved in its development and implementation?
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7. What process does the City Redevelopment Agency use to determine what developer to work with for a development?
8. Will property taxes for citizens/property owners go up because the City is spending money on development projects related to Make Ogden?
9. There has been a lot of talk about one of the first Make Ogden development projects – WonderBlock. Why is the WonderBlock development considered a better/more resilient project than previous projects?
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