Snow Removal - What You Can Do

What You Can Do to Help

  • Park all vehicles, trailers, and boats off streets, until snow is removed. Ridges of snow around vehicles parked on streets will freeze and prevent, or slow down future snow removal and may cause accidents if a vehicle hits them. It is illegal to leave a vehicle parked in the street after a snowplow has plowed around it. (Ogden City Ordinance October 5, 2011)
  • Clear snow from walkways as soon as possible, but no later than 12 hours after snow has stopped. (Ogden City Ordinance 7-2-8A)
  • Aim snow blowers into front years away from sidewalks and the street. Ice and rocks, as well as powder and snow are blown out many feet. This material can hit parked or passing cars, which can cause damage to those vehicles, as well as cause accidents. Also, snow blown onto the street will freeze and become a slick spot, which contributes to more possible accidents. (Ogden City Ordinance 7-2-8B)
  • Clear your driveway approach.  When the snow plow clears your street, there will be some snow left in your driveway. This is annoying, but can't be avoided. Push the snow that was shoved into your driveways by snow plows onto the area between your sidewalk and curb, but not into the street. Otherwise, if this pile of snow is shoved back into the street, it will freeze and become hidden by new snow. Then, when snowplows hit that pile of ice, the snowplows are shoved back into the traffic lanes and can easily hit passing or parked cars. Plus, vehicles can slide out of control in those areas.
  • Give salt spreaders and snow plow equipment plenty of room. Don't follow too closely - equipment could slide sideways or backwards at any time.
  • Drive cautiously and defensively. Salt trucks will generally only be used on hills and intersections. Other areas will remain icy. Slow down! Don't follow too closely!
  • Volunteer your services to help your neighbors who can't clear their own driveways and sidewalks.
  • Remove snow from around fire hydrants near your home. Help save lives and property!
  • Clear snow from around mailboxes in the event the snowplow crews do not get snow plowed to the curb or block the mailbox. This will keep mail delivery vehicles out of traffic lanes and help prevent accidents.
  • If snow is thrown by snow plows onto sidewalks, or any other snow / ice control problem is seen by residents, you are encouraged to call the Public Works Operations Division at 801-629-8271.