Roadway / Asphalt Inspection

The following are what an inspector looks for during a Roadway / Asphalt Inspection.
  • Grading sub grade uniformly so that road base and asphalt mat thickness can be obtained.
  • Proof rolling sub grade to identify if weak areas exist and re-mediating problem areas by over excavating and placing stable fill.
  • Referencing all utility access points on curb and gutter and protecting utility access points during grading operation.
  • Placing ¾ inch grade one road base at specified approved plans depth and compacting in multiple lifts.
  • Compaction testing to occur on every 1,000 square feet of compacted road base. All tests passing at 95% or greater.
  • Asphalt mix design submittal's - new road construction requires a ¾ inch aggregate rock mix design, all street patch work requires a ½ inch aggregate mix design.
  • Prior to paving roadways tack coat curb and gutter lip from lip of curb down to road base surface. If applying multiple lifts of asphalt mat place tack coat across entire previous placed surface of pavement prior to placing 2nd lift. Tack coat all edges on asphalt repair trenches prior to patching.
  • Utility repair trenches to be back-filled with suitable material and compacted in multiple lifts and compaction tested.
  • Raise all utility access points to grade and concrete collar per specifications.