Sanitary Sewer Inspection

The following are what an inspector looks for during a Sanitary Sewer Inspection.
  1. Review approved plans prior to inspection or upon arrival.
  2. Identify if blue staking has occurred prior to excavation.
  3. Verify O.S.H.A requirements for trench shoring in place i.e.
    • 2 Inch Wide Clear Zone Per Stock Piling
    • Hard Hats
    • Identify Job Superintendent on Site
    • Ladder Inside Trench Box or Shelving Based on Material Type
  4. Grade staking for control.
  5. Verify correct type pipe is being used.
  6. Trenches to be de-watered prior to placing bedding.
  7. Verify 4" bedding material suitable for type of pipe is placed under pipe.
  8. The slope of pipe meets the approved plans.
  9. The correct manhole size is used.
  10. Determine if existing material is suitable or if import back-fill is to be used.
  11. Identify locater tape is placed 1 foot above pipe.
  12. Verify back-fill above pipe zone. Identify type of material. Compaction testing required at mid and sub-grade lifts.
  13. Air test of main and laterals.
    • Pressure 4 pounds for 5 minutes.
    • Flush and video tape.
  14. Submittal's of all test and video tapes.
  15. Review video tapes bellies, elipticles or out of round pipe.
  16. Verify sewer laterals placed at correct position with flow of pipe and 45 degrees above spring line.
  17. Re-inspection of any items needing to be corrected.
  18. Verify repair of any pipe damage is completed per pipe manufacturer specifications.