A Vision For Ogden

A Blueprint For a Stronger Ogden - Our First 100 Days Together

Ogden is a community that is built by our people and for our people. All of our people. It is with pride that we boast about our blue-collar work ethic, grit, self-determination and fierce independence, combined with our culture of community and selfless service to others. As a result of those qualities and the efforts of the countless leaders and citizens that came before us, we are amongst the most charitable, equitable and hardest working communities in the United States. These are our community values, competitive advantages, and the qualities that we will cherish, nurture and build upon.  

My vision for Ogden builds on that history, culture and ethos to foster the health and wellness of our people, and create a physical, social, political, cultural and economic environment that creates opportunities for all of our people to achieve their greatest potential. It is my expectation that our staff and residents achieve their potential through their own commitment and hard work, while also having the support of their friends, colleagues, neighbors, family, city staff and community partners along the way. Central to this vision is a city administration that is not just working on behalf of the people, but is dedicated to their service. We envision a community of people and partners that are hungry to invest in their own growth and in the prosperity of one another.  

To achieve this vision, we must create and nurture unprecedented partnerships between our staff, residents, local, state, and federal elected officials, our community of partners, anchor institutions, stakeholders, and service providers. Through collaborative efforts, we will move beyond the confines of partisan politics to set a tone of community dedicated to lifting each other. We will prioritize community engagement and communication to connect all people from all socio-economic backgrounds with opportunities for growth. Our focus will be on fiscally responsible and sustainable economic development that supports small businesses, job creation, workforce training, as well as attainable and stable housing and home ownership opportunities. We’ll emphasize opportunities for parks, recreation, and community health, especially for our youth. Ensuring the safety of our city, including schools, neighborhoods, and places of worship, remains a top priority. We are committed to strengthening our city’s infrastructure, laying a solid foundation that supports and enhances every aspect of our citizens’ lives.

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