Demolition Permits

Demolition Permits (SWPP)

Demolition permits issued by the Building Services division require that a SWPP Permit be issued (by Engineering) for the duration of the demolition work (minimum 60 day duration).  Demolition SWPP permits can be extended for as money months as necessary to complete the job.

For large demolitions with more than 1 acre of distrubed ground, a State UPDES will be required.  The Ogden City SWPP permit cannot be valid longer than the State UPDES permit.  If a permit extension is requested for a Demolition SWPP permit, the permit technician will check to verify that the extension does not extend past the UPDES expiration date.

Generally, the contractor is required to submit a Site Plan, indicating what BMP's (Best Management Practices) will be used on site, and where they will be installed.

Small/Medium Demolitions (areas up to 1 acre of disturbed ground)

$150 = $50 Permit Fee + (2x) $50 monthly inspection fee

Large Demolitions (areas over 1 acre of disturbed ground) - Requires UPDES Permit from State of Utah

$200 = $100 Permit Fee + (2x) $50 monthly inspection fee

For more information on SWPP Permits, please click the following link: