Road Work, Closures & Damage

Why is the road closed?

Large road or utility project

Scheduled road closures include road construction and utility replacement projects.  These are larger projects that will disrupt traffic for up to several weeks at a time.  For more information on scheduled jobs, please see the links below:

Utility Repair jobs

These are smaller jobs that usually only take a day or two at the most, and often involve digging in the yard and/or cutting into the road to repair water, sewer or storm drain pipes and connections.  These jobs must be done by licensed contractors who have been issued a permit from Ogden City Engineering.  

The road will be closed on most jobs involving a road cut.  These jobs are done during business hours, Monday through Friday, as all of these jobs must be inspected by a city Engineering Inspector.

Utility Main break

If a utility main (water, sewer or storm drain) ruptures, leaks or collapses, city crews will move quickly to resolve the problem.  This will involve closing off the affected section of road and excavating to repair or replace the damaged pipe.  These jobs can take place at any time and usually take anywhere between several hours to a few days to resolve.

The City or the contractors working on the job will set up traffic control, which will include detour information during the time of closure.

Who Do I Contact About Potholes and Road Damage?

State Roads, City Streets and Private Streets are maintained by different agencies.  Please see the map on the City & State Roads page to determine who owns the road you are inquiring about.

  • State Roads are maintained by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).  If your vehicle was damaged on a state road, you would file a claim in one of three different ways:
  • City Streets are maintained by Ogden City Public Services.  To report street damage and potholes, please call 801-629-8271.  If your vehicle was damaged on a city road, please contact Ogden City's Risk Management Coordinator at 801-629-8075
  • Private Streets, Lanes and Parking Lots are usually maintained by the property owner or their designated management service.

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