Program Benefits

Since its induction in 2004, approximately 65% of Ogden rental units have qualified for the Good Landlord incentive, which means the property owners qualified for a 90% discount on their annual business license fees. In its first year of the program, landlords who diligently followed the guidelines also saw a reduction in crime at their properties - in fact, 11.6% reduction in crime, according to reports.

Summary of Program Benefits

  • Better Maintained and Operated Properties
  • Business License 90% Fee Reductions
  • Decreased Crime
  • More Profitable Property Ventures
  • Potentially Enhanced Property Values
The Good Landlord program is building more awareness that prevention really does reduce, and may even eliminate, crime and unprofitable ventures associated with apartment ownership. Participating in the program proves to enhance property values by decreasing not only crime but also poorly maintained and improperly operated rental properties.

Please contact Ogden City's Business Licensing Division for assistance with the Good Landlord Program.