Ogden Natural Resources & Sustainability Stewardship Committee


The Natural Resources and Sustainability Stewardship Committee advises the Mayor and City Council on policies pertaining to citizen education programs relating to sustainable environmental practices and responsible stewardship of Ogden’s natural resources.

Interest Form:

Anyone with interest in serving on the Committee is welcome to submit an interest form that will be considered as openings occur. Those who submit interest forms will be contacted only as openings become available.


Committee members are appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of the City Council. The Natural Resources and Sustainability Stewardship Committee consists of 7 to 9 voting members, up to 3 voting student members and 2 non-voting members. The committee includes:

  1. One (1) member from the business or education community;
  2. One (1) member from each of the four (4) municipal districts, when possible;
  3. Up to four (4) members from residents of the city at large;
  4. Up to three (3) high school student members;
  5. One non-voting member representing the City Public Services Department; and
  6. One non-voting member from the City Council staff.


The terms for the committee are for 3 years, which are staggered for initial appointments. Committee members are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis. The Committee may recommend removal of a committee member for attendance below 75% of scheduled meetings over an 18 month period.


The members of the Natural Resources and Sustainability Stewardship Committee provide policy and program recommendations; identify grant funding opportunities; encourage pursuit of state/federal grants; and advise the Council and Mayor regarding:

  • Waste reduction/recycling;
  • Disposal of hazardous materials;
  • Power and water conservation;
  • Air quality and open space; and
  • Other duties as assigned by the Council or Mayor.


The Council extended the sunset provision for the Natural Resources and Sustainability Stewardship Committee to December 31, 2024.

Timeline for Creation of the Committee:

Natural Resources and Sustainability Stewardshi Committee Timeline