Waste Transfer Station Zone Text Amendment


Ogden City currently allows waste transfer stations as a conditional use in the Manufacturing and Industrial Zone (M-2). Conditional use permits are issued by the Planning Commission, and there are currently no conditional use permits issued for waste transfer stations within the city.

The waste transfer station conditional use was initially included as an option in anticipation for the Weber County Waste Transfer Station (at 867 Wilson Lane) to possibly be annexed into Ogden City. However, recent annexation requests from the county did not include this change and this is no longer expected to occur.

A waste transfer station differs from a recycling processing center, and although waste may be mixed in with and contaminate recyclable materials, the removal of this waste is considered a secondary and not a primary operational function.

The Administration posted a notice of pending ordinance on June 5, 2018, temporarily prohibiting waste transfer station conditional use permit applications for 180 days (expiring December 2, 2018).

Proposed Changes

The Administration has provided the Council with a draft ordinance requesting removal of waste transfer stations as an allowable use in the Manufacturing and Industrial Zone (M-2), the only zone in the city allowing waste transfer stations.   

Opportunities for Public Input

The Ogden City Council will provide an opportunity for public input on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building, 2549 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah. The purpose of this is to allow public input regarding the proposed M-2 zone text amendment and to receive thoughts or concerns from members of the public. Following the public hearing, the Council may adopt an ordinance approving the M-2 zone text amendment to no longer allow the issuance of conditional use permits for waste transfer stations within the city.

Additional Information

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